Meteor-Smash (v1.0) is my first game made for #WeeklyGameJam, the theme was 'spaceship'. In year 3050,  a large group of meteors are heading towards the earth in which there is 1% chance that our planet will survive. You're pilot of a spaceship, equipped with most advanced weapons, objective is to protect the earth by smashing those meteors. Can you save our home planet from annihilation..?


  • Left and Right arrows for movement
  • 'F' key to fire lasers
  • Mouse click on button to play/pause game

Useful Info 

  • Each hit to the meteors give 200 points.
  • Health indicates current condition of spaceship
  • Damage indicates overall damage to earth, caused by allowing the meteors to pass through range of spaceship.
  • Either damage becomes > 100 or health goes down to 0 , game over.
  • Both damage and health are greatly affected by current level(Easy, Normal, Hard).
  • Higher the level more damage to earth and spaceship.


I(splintercell9dev) did the whole coding part. Some of sprite sheets, bitmap fonts are taken from  Phaser Examples for version 2 on GitHub.  Other assets are taken from websites like

This game is currently a prototype.

Also, you can check out the code on GitHub. And thanks for playing :-)

Published 25 days ago
Made withPhaser
Tags2D, Endless, meteor, Pixel Art

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